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    To pay for your tickets there are two ways to pay through your preferred bank

    1. If you are depositing to our account listed you have to submit the reference number as a confirmation i.e. the reference number can be found on the recipients you get after you deposited through bank and don’t forget to state the cause for the deposit as the type of ticket you want to buy
    2. An other way is you can transfer from your account using an ATM machine, Mobile banking Internet banking in this case you have to submit the account number you transferred the payment from
    If you are using CBE BIRR, HELLO CASH, M BIRR your confirmation is your phone number from which you transferred your payment
    Do you know you can transfer money through ATM machine?
    Yes you can by going to your bank ATM machine after you put your card and password choose transfer to other account and the system will guide you

    NB: for any question in how to pay for your tickets you can call us any time! 0920588419

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